Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My friends Daniel and Ros invited me for brunch at Jones the Grocer over at Dempsey Road. I used to go there to buy cheeses and wines and other interesting ingredients. I have not really eaten there so I was excited to try their brunch menu.

We ordered the muffin of the day, strawberry muffin; the jones english breakfast which consisted poach, scrambled or fried egg with sourdough bread, sausage, bacon, grilled tomato and sauteed mushrooms,

and grilled blt - grilled bacon with avocado, roasted tomato with aioli on focaccia bread. I had mine with a cappuccino, Daniel and Ros ordered an Americano. The food was okay, it wasn't really great but what I loved was while waiting for the food, I had time to walk around to check the new ingredients that they had. I found some really nice cookbooks, assorted teas, nice holiday cookie cutters and boxed chocolate truffles.

Next time I go back there, I'll be trying out their lunch menu.

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