Monday, November 30, 2009


I just got back from a trip to Thailand and I think I gained 1o pounds! The food as usual was good and cheap and that was all that I wanted to do while I was there... well, shopping too.

First day... as soon as we got in the hotel, we rode the tuk tuk and headed to Central Department Store. We wanted to check the clothes and other stuff. It was already around 7:30 then and I didn't really eat the food in the plane I was so hungry already! We decided to try the food in one of department store's restaurants called The Terrace.

While waiting for the food, they brought us the container for the condiments: chillies in fish sauce, pickled chillies, sugar, and chili powder
We ordered the catfish salad which by the way was so yummy, and for our beverage, the pandan juice. We also ordered duck curry, satay, and pad thai but I wasn't able to take pictures of it because the lady asked me to stop taking pictures...which was sad. My first meal was actually good but not not really great...I got excited, was looking forward to my next meal already.

Here's day 2... lunch at the Ninth restaurant, a few steps away from our hotel.
Here's what we had... soup with meat and vermicelli noodles, paad thai
chicken satay again and seafood fried rice with salted fish. The chicken satay was so-so but the sauce made it taste better and the pad thai was better here than from the one last night. I was happy because my meals were getting better.
In the evening, we were at the mall again so we decided to eat at the food hall. It was a really huge place where they had a section for chinese food, japanese, italian, of course thai, indian etc. Walking around there got me so hungry!!!

For dinner, we had stir fried flat noodles with seafood, roasted duck,

bbq pork buns, fried shrimp wanton, gyoza, wanton noodle soup and for dessert, fried bananas with ice cream and thai halo halo. For a food hall, the prices were reasonable and the food was good!

I'll be posting some recipes for thai dishes soon!!!

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