Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I thought I was going to have time to write in Singapore for my blog but my schedule got so busy that I didn't even have time to check my emails. I guess I was catching up on seeing my friends too and squeezing shopping in between my schedule. There were two place that I revisited while in Singapore. One was in Robertson Quay, a chocolatier called Laurent Bernard. I went there with my friend Jen after we had dinner at the famous chicken rice place Wee Nam Kee at Novena. After a very good dinner, we needed to finish it off with an equally good dessert as well.

Here's my decaf cappuccino that I accidentally stirred before taking a photo of it. Jen and I shared this heavenly chocolate truffle tart. Of course, the chocolate was really good because they used very good quality chocolate. What I liked more though was the crust. It was very flaky and buttery and the texture made me have another bite, then another bite, then another bite.... really yummy!!!
Sunday was spent with Sabrina and my good friend Pinky. After lunch at Din Tai Fung at the Paragon, we headed on to check out the shops, brought Sabrina to Toys R' Us then had coffee and dessert at PS. Cafe.
Here's a photo of my cappuccino again after putting 2 cubes of brown sugar. Their coffee was good. I love the fine silky froth. They make really good cappuccinos that's why I always order it when I'm there. I love it too that they put the white and brown sugar cubes in a glass.
We ordered one dessert, the mango and banana crisp with vanilla ice cream. We forgot one thing though... that the mangoes weren't like the ones that we have here in the Philippines. It tasted like the ripe Indian Mangoes and it didn't blend well with the bananas. The ice cream was good and the crisp crust was good too...just that the mangoes weren't what I expected it to be. Maybe if it was made with Philippine mangoes, it would taste better.

Here's Pinky enjoying her iced caffe latte. I miss you Pinky! Hope to see you soon again :-)

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