Thursday, July 5, 2012


Last Saturday,  Angelo Comsti and I went to the Maya Kitchen to meet the Filipina Homebakers Online. It was their anniversary and they invited us to do a demo.  We were also fortunate to have National Bookstore set up a booth there to sell our books... Home Cafe and Homemade for the Holidays.

Here are the girls of National Bookstore posing beside our books at the Maya Kitchen.

Here are some of the items that were baked for the demo and were later served for tasting. These are muffins made using the pancake mix of Maya with some coffee flavor by Rory Subida.
Baklava made by was then cut up into smaller pieces so everyone could try it.

Here's what I made...Fallen Cake, a recipe from Home Cafe book. It's a souffle type cake, almost flourless so it's rich and moist.

Here's a carrot cake made from using the carrot cake mix by Maya, dusted with powdered sugar.

Here's the carrot cake with streusel...same recipe was used, this time, topped with streusel for an added crunch.
I'm assuming these are fried dough. Also served during the event.

Here we with the group.

It was such a fun afternoon. It was nice to meet the members of the Filipina Homebakers Online! Thanks for inviting us. It was a pleasure meeting all of you! :-)