Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I went to Malaysia last April to attend classes at the Callebaut Chocolate Academy. We arrived late at night and so upon reaching our hotel, everybody was hungry. We walked around the area and looked for places where we could eat and we ended up eating here in this area...

This was like a strip of small stores that serve different kinds of foods from bbq chicken wings, char kway teow, congee, grilled shrimp etc.

Here's what we ordered. The chicken wings right on the center, some char kway teo on the left, hainanese chicken with ric, satay chicken and beef, some iced honey dew melon with coconut milk, congee and some barley tea.

This one came last. Stingray sambal... It's really good!!! even if we were so full, we had to eat it...and we finished it. What was good about it too is that it was so cheap. Each of us paid about 20 ringgit , that's about 300 pesos in Philippine money so that's not bad considering we ordered a lot.

Will post some more good food that we had in a few days.