Tuesday, October 20, 2009


After the eggs benedict breakfast at Apartment 1B, I headed to the salon to get a trim. I felt that it might not be a good idea to get a haircut on my birthday since I was trying this guy for the first time and having a bad haircut might ruin my day... but I went anyway and I was glad that it came out fine and safe. I'll probably go back in a month or so for a trim again.

I got out of the salon at 2 p.m. I headed to my place to change for tea time with my friends in Shangri-la Lobby. We used to go to Peninsula for their tea time but we decided to try the Shang this time.

Here's what we ordered... the endless afternoon tea set which consisted of open faced sandwiches, chocolates, a muffin, some oatmeal raisin cookies and a fresh fruit tart. We also ordered the chocolate afternoon tea set which consisted of chocolate scones, macaroons with chocolate filling, some open faced sandwiches, truffle cake slice, and some brownies. The last one was the classic afternoon tea set which consisted of the raisin scones with jam and clotted cream, tea sandwiches filled with cucumber and cream cheese and smoked salmon with dill sauce, then an almond slice, peanut butter cookies and a fresh fruit tart.

For me, I liked the classic afternoon tea set. It went well with my earl grey tea. I liked the peanut butter cookies, the fresh fruit tart and the smoked salmon sandwich. I have to say though that the scones need improvement. It was soft and bread like. I was expecting for a more flaky and crisp type. It wasn't bad though, just not the scones I am used to.

Okay, the overall experience was nice, not great but fun, really fun. We enjoyed talking and catching up with our friends while listening to very good music. We literally stayed there 'til early evening.

Next stop, dinner at Le Souffle...


canDIshhh said...

Hi Aileen! I've been a huge huge fan of Goodies and Sweets since it started in Crossroads in GH.

I grew up loving your tiramisu which I think is still the BEST in Manila!! :)

Will add you up on my blog list.


Aileen A. Anastacio said...

Hi thanks so much for your support :-)