Monday, October 19, 2009


I wasn't kidding when I said that I was going to have eggs benedict for breakfast on my special day. If there's one thing that I wish I could eat everyday for breakfast, this would be it!

There are several places to get eggs benedict. Most hotels would probably have it but there's this one place that I always go to for it and it's in Apartment 1B in Makati. I went there with my good friend Cathy and enjoyed the rest of the morning there. We also ordered the orange french toast which we didn't have space for anymore so we just took it home for Sabrina to try.
I read the newspaper and sipped my cappuccino while waiting for our food to arrive. Oooh I have to tell you, I had a smile on my face when I saw the waiter with our orders. The egg was perfectly poached and it really went well with the bearnaise sauce. I love the side of sauteed potatoes and the mini salad with vinaigrette.
This is my plate halfway through the dish. I was getting full already but I managed to finish it. No lunch for me that day. Next meal was tea time with my other girl friends...

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