Saturday, August 29, 2009


Starting this weekend, True Confections will have a new look! Yehey and good job to the team that put it up!!! I actually like it because it looks like a comfy cafe with an open kitchen. Scroll down and check out the pictures!
Looking out our new window is our True Confections writer Angelo Comsti, host Sam Oh and producer Henrie Chavarria.
Here's Jackie and Sam preparing the ingredients for their recipe,
Here's Jackie taking a coffee break,
Here we are hanging out in our new sofa having drinks and pastries,
Sam taking her coffee break,
Ms. Lisa and Henrie getting cozy in our new set,
Ms. Lani checking our new cake chiller! Also, check out our cake display!!! On my next post, i'll be releasing recipes that we did in the show...pecan pie, mars bar cheesecake etc, etc...

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