Monday, July 18, 2011


DAY 4!!! Lunch today was at China Club. We were invited by Shy and Dawn, our need foodie friends in Hong Kong. We were glad that they took the time to meet us for lunch.

China Club is at the 13th floor of the Old China Bank Building along Queen's Road Central. We got there at around 12:30. I made sure I didn't eat much for breakfast. I actually just had coffee for breakfast because I knew we were eating good food for lunch.

When we got there, Shy and Dawn were already there. The place was really nice. It was like it took me back in the old Hong Kong. As soon as we sat down, the waiter poured tea for us and gave us the menu.

Here's the menu but I didn't really look at it. We made Shy do the ordering since she's the one who knows what they served best.

In this photo, check out the lovely lamps all over the place.

Here's a group photo before the food,Shy, Dawn, Cathy and my sister Vivian.

Here's what we had...Char siu pork...the best I've tasted! Shy wasn't kidding when she said that it was the best in Hong Kong. It was very tender, sticky and sweet.

Rice roll with some veggies and shrimp, also good.

Our veggie for the day...eggplant with tofu with some sweet soy sauce.

This dish, I also liked. Angus beef with some fried garlic flakes. It was really tender and I loved the sauce.

Deep fried shrimp in duck egg batter. Very good too.

Here's their version of the pork siomai with goji berry.

After all that food, we still had space for dessert. We just decided to get a little bit of different things so we can all try the sweet stuff. We got mango with tapioca, egg tarts, hot red bean soup, and some mochi looking rice cake balls.

After dessert, before we got the bill, they gave us these...

Fortune cookies. I think this is the only place where I got served fortune cookies. I actually forgot what I read in my fortune but I remember that it was good!

After lunch, Shy took us around the place. We went up to check out the bar. On the way up to the bar were tons of interesting paintings on the walls. The place was like a mini museum.

I love this lamp! I wanted to take it home. According to Shy, the place gets full after work hours. This is where they hang out.

Here's another group photo by the bar.

This is the door of the bar.

Beside the bar is the library. I love the old leather seats.

Here's another outdoor bar where people go after work.

I love the view from up here!

Here's busy Honk Kong !

Mind your head...the sign says.

More paintings...

After the wonderful tour of China Club, we said our goodbyes to Shy and Dawn and promised to do another food trip when we get back. We headed to Pacific Place to do some shopping.

We walked and walked and when we got tired, we looked for a place where we could sit and have coffee.

We ended up in this place by the lower ground that served tea time stuff. We ordered this one...

Blueberry cheesecake with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. It was like a set that came with any kind of coffee or tea.

Here's what I ordered with Cathy. A sampler. 9 kinds of assorted savory and sweet items.

These were the two things that I particularly liked...chocolate mousse cake,

and the fresh fruit tart.

Later in the evening, since this was our last dinner, we decided to go to Peking Garden. Of course we just ordered the Peking Duck again. This was definitely better than the one in Spring Deer. The skin was evenly cooked and it was crispy, the meat was tender and was seasoned well.

Here we are waiting for the food.

Here's the first way, nicely presented.

Second way...this time minced served in lettuce cups. We wanted the deep fried one but the waiter didn't quite understand what we wanted. It was still good though.

We didn't finish our food. We were so full. No more space for dessert.

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