Thursday, July 7, 2011


This is just day one of my Hong Kong food trip over the weekend. We went there mainly to celebrate the 40th birthday of a good friend Noli Reyes. We decided to go last minute and we are...the first good dinner for this trip.

We met Anna, Noli and Ique at Hunan Garden over at Time's Square. Reservations was at 6:30. We got to the area an hour early so we decided to go shopping first.

Of course, I had to go to City Super to check out the food court. Guess what I discovered?... these belgian waffles shaped like hotdogs freshly baked in the waffle iron. They were being sold for HK$ 13.00 and so I went to buy one. As soon as I tried it, I had to make Vivian and Cathy try it too. They couldn't get enough of it because it was so good, they had to buy again so they can have one for themselves. I also bought a pack of cranberry scones. They looked so pretty! Unfortunately, the pretty look didn't match the taste. The scones weren't so flaky and it tasted like it had parmesan, that was a disappointment. It stayed in the hotel for days and ended in the trash can on the last day.

Going back to our dinner...we went up to the 13th floor at 6:30 pm. Scroll down to see what we had...

Here's a group photo with all the good food.

Jasmine tea was the choice for the evening.
This is my cute plate...

I particularly liked the sauteed peppers on the left. They were really good! I think it was sauteed with garlic, chili oil and the sliced chili peppers

For appetizers, we had Spring rolls with vegetables,
Steamed vegetable dumplings,
Steamed pork dumplings,
Then this soup...I truly's chicken soup...sort of like a chicken consomme with some ground chicken on top. It was really flavorful and served just the way I like it...piping hot.
This is an interesting fried rice. It had sliced smoked sausage.
This was also good...Steamed shrimp with garlic.
And of course, the birthday noodles for long life.

I think this was the best dish for the evening. Smoked duck. I enjoyed the crispy skin and smokey flavor of the duck meat. It was really really good. I heard that it takes about 45 minutes to prepare this so, you have to order this in advance.

Here's the photo of the girls after dinner, on the way back to the Crown Plaza for dessert.

I had to take this photo. The view from where we were was truly amazing!
Drinks and desserts at Club 28...of course, on the 28th floor of the hotel overlooking the pool on the left and the well lit buildings on the right.

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