Monday, July 11, 2011


Day 3 was an easy day. We left the hotel at around 1 pm to go to Elements Mall. We had lunch there at Lei Garden. The restaurant was nice. We had to ask them if they could seat us because it was almost 2:30 already...which was the time for last order. They were nice enough to accommodate our request.

We just had dimsum. Here are the spring rolls with some shredded taro,

Taro puff with minced pork,

Turnip cake with Chinese sausage,

Xiao Long Bao,

BBQ Pork Buns,

Rice Roll with shrimp,

Chrysamthemum tea.

We walked around the mall for a few hours. We headed to the cafe to take a break and decided to have coffee. Here's what we had...

Cappuccino with Bailey's...nice stencil! I should do something like this for Goodies :-)

and here's what came with one of our Caffe Americano, a 7 inch pepperoni pizza with a salad on the side and banana bread. Not bad for HK98.00

Dinner was at this hole in a wall... Mac Mee's noodle joint. We heard that they had good wanton noodle soup so we walked several blocks to get to the place. Along the way, we shopped in the small stores and got ourselves some pretty clothes.

The walk to the place was worthwhile. The beef noodle soup was good and then we tried 2 types of wonton. One with the shrimp and one with the mushrooms. For dessert, we discovered this small store called Crumbs... they served frozen yoghurt with fresh berries and granola or you can opt to get the crumbs...that look like crushed graham crackers or cookie crumbs. They also sold scones in the store. They gave out samples for tasting. I wanted to buy one but they said I had to buy a minimum of 3 so I didn't buy anymore.

We walked back to the hotel. The walk did us good. By the time we got to the room, we weren't so full anymore.

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