Friday, May 15, 2009


This lovely box was delivered to my doorstep the other day by my mom who had just arrived from Tokyo.  She went on a trip there for ten days and since we weren't able to join her, she made sure she brought something back that I would really love.

I would receive a box of these lovely macaroons when friends would come back from Paris.  I have to tell you, once you take a bite of these, you'd never want to try any other macaroon anymore.  I see a lot of these macaroons being sold at bakeshops here but they really don't have the same texture and flavor of the original one...which is this one.  The flavor I love the most is the pistachio and the raspberry.

Later this afternoon, I'm going to invite some friends over for a tea party.  I'll be serving scones with cream and jam, little tea sandwiches and these macaroons.  Come on over and join if you can :-)

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