Saturday, April 25, 2009


After our dinner at the No Signboard, we headed to this place called The Cookie Museum. It's a place that specializes in different varieties of cookies. They have about more than 30 flavors.

They also have a wide selection of teas. In the menu, they have a description for each flavor. I ordered an herbal tea with lemon and ginger. The lady then brought and served our teas in porcelain tea pots, cups and saucers. After a sip of our teas, the lady went to our table again with a trolley filled with airtight containers and inside the containers were miniature cookies as big as a dime.

She then gave us this menu that had all the different flavors of their cookies and they were all available for tasting. We started off with the one with the rose petal. It tasted very delicate and feminine, then after that, we had the cookie with lavender, it was soothing and very relaxing. I could imagine eating it with chamomile tea. Then next came the one with the blueberries, then next, with the lemon and so on... all of them tasted good. I wish they had a sampler box with all the flavors but unfortunately, they only had a box for each flavor at a $42.00 each. Pretty expensive but I guess the packaging and the quality ingredients that they used for the cookies justifies the price.

We didn't stay long in the place. We were only given 45 minutes to enjoy the whole experience as they were already on last call for the evening. I found the Cookie Museum very interesting and unique. I wish they had one like that in Manila.

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