Saturday, March 14, 2009


We rode a boat along the Mekong river for 45 minutes that took us to a small town and walked for about 15 minutes to get to the restaurant. Our table was waiting for us when we arrived and the food was immediately served as soon as we sat down. Fried whole fish, vietnamese fried spring roll with a plate of greens - cucumber, lettuce, and basil leaves and rice paper sheets. The staff showed us how to eat the fish properly...  she placed it on a rice paper, with some cucumber, and basil leaves, then she rolled it and dipped it in the sauce. 

The same was done with the spring rolls. Then they brought these grilled shrimp on the table. You simply peel them, squeeze some lime juice on it, then sprinkle some salt and pepper mixture before eating it.
 Dinner was at a local restaurant recommended by the concierge, Dzoan.  She said that that was where the locals eat with their families.  We took a cab to get there.  It wasn't so far from our hotel.  The restaurant looked like an old house sectioned into rooms.  It was quite full but they managed to give us a table.  We were so hungry when we got there that everything looked so good in the menu.  We ordered away by starting with the stir fried noodles with shrimp, then we ordered some stir fried kangkong, then this special fried rice in a heart shape that had salted egg in it.
The other items that we ordered that night disappeared quickly on the table. So sad that I didn't get the chance to show it here. 

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