Friday, April 5, 2013


Here's one place that I truly enjoyed in Bali...Crispy Duck. Our tour guide told us that duck is very popular here in Bali so we had him take us to a restaurant that has very good crispy duck.

The name of the restaurant is Bebek Tepi Sawah.

We just ordered the crispy duck and it came with rice and string beans cooked with coconut milk.

I truly enjoyed the crispy duck and it was really crispy. Even the bone was crispy. As is, it's good already. I tried it though with a sauce made with shallots, tomato, and I think lemon grass and chopped garlic and oil. The other sauce was sambal. Then they also have the sweet soy sauce...kecap manis. It was good too.

I enjoyed my meal with freshly squeezed lime juice. Yummy!

Across the restaurant too is a building filled with everything you could think of for pasalubong! So after your meal, you can walk across to do some souvenir shopping.

Fun, fun fun!!!

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