Tuesday, April 17, 2012


In Beijing, in the Wangfujing area, there's a strip where they sell street food. Every day, as the sun begins to set, the people set up the food in the stalls and they start preparing the food that they will sell for the evening.  Here are the photos of what they sell there.  Some are really interesting. I can only take photos and not try.  I couldn't afford to have a bummed stomach as my days were always full for sight seeing, I'm sure you know how the public toilets are there and I wouldn't want to be looking for one every hour or so. Ok back to the food story... check out some of the labels! :-)




 Skewered fresh fruits

 Skewered scorpions

 Skewered grasshoppers

 I would've loved to try this! Steamed crabs!!!

 Noodles with assorted meat and vegetables cooked on the flat top

 Assorted dumplings

 Noodle soups

 Caramelized skewered fruits

 Which one would you try here???  I think I'll go for the snake :-)

 Starfish and I think stinky tofu

baby shark :-( how sad... then below are photos of the other stalls that they have on the strip.

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