Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Happy Easter to everyone! I hope everyone had a fun break. 

Ok this is not exactly the best meal I had there but it's nice to share this. It's quite surprising to have something like this in a seafood restaurant.  If they can serve food like this and knowing that it's not their specialty, I think the specials would taste excellent! I didn't even get the name of the restaurant but this is the seafood restaurant by Novotel Xin Quiao in Beijing on the second floor.

We didn't really order much because we just had cocktails an hour before we headed to the restaurant.

 Here's the sliced soft tofu with sauteed vegetables.  It was pretty good! 
 Here's the eggplant hotpot with straw mushrooms.  The eggplant was cooked well and the sauce was flavorful.  
 We got this for the kids...Garlic chicken.  It's basically seared chicken pieces seasoned with cracked Schezuan peppercorn and garlic.  It was good too.
 This was the favorite that evening... stewed pork with wood ear mushrooms. The pork was melt-in-your mouth tender! I'm sure they cooked this for several hours to get it that tender.
Here are the noodles that we had, stir fried with beef.  It was well cooked too.

We planned on going back for another meal to try the other dishes on the menu.  The prices were very reasonable too.  We decided though to try the japanese restaurant right beside it though. Anyway, will definitely keep this one on my list.

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