Sunday, January 9, 2011

This is the first time I'm writing for this year. I got so busy over the last two months that I didn't have time to post some stories. I will start posting them soon though.

Anyway, here's what I've discovered last week... I had breakfast at this place along Makati Avenue called Paris Delice. What sets this apart from the others is that their bread dough and pastries are imported from France...Yes, France. I want you to try their stuff so you can taste for yourself and notice the difference. I must admit, I enjoyed every bite of everything that they made me try... scroll down...

Paris Delice is located at 1 Juno St. Cor Makati Avenue, Makati City and they are open daily from 7 a.m. - 10 pm.

This is their version of the hot chocolate.
This is the counter where you place your order. It's best to have them toast your pastry for you...

Showcase of the different pastries available
Salad bar with some fruit juices, and some desserts like panna cotta.
Triangle aux Amandes - pastry filled with almond filling.
Hot crousti - Sausage in a baguette with melted cheese on top...yummy!
Chouquette - this is like a cream puff...soft and ender on the inside with a little crunch on the outside.
One of their best sellers ...L' Atlantic - smoked salmon with herb dressing and onions on a baguette
Croissant aux Apricots or apricot croissant
Torsade au Chocolate -chocolate twist...probably my favorite
Le Lillois - chicken with bacon, mayonnaise, tomatoes and lettuce on a baguette
Croissant - really good...flaky and buttery
Chausson aux Pommes - apple turnover
Chocolate beignet - donut filled with nutella!
Quiche Lorraine

Jams that they sell in the store

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