Friday, January 22, 2010


My schedule was unbelievable this week! Had 2 shoots this week, then had meetings, meetings, and more meetings. It's been really tiring but I love what I'm doing so it's not so bad.

Going back to the book... the launch will be next week...will post the details in a few days.
Meanwhile, here are some of the pages from the dessert section.
Fresh fruit tart... one of my favorites!
Honey Comb Crunch Cake
Lemon Meringue Pie
Chocolate Cupcake
Mango Walnut Bars
Lemon Squares
Chocolate Chip Cookies

White chocolate macadamia cookies

My personal favorite would be the white chocolate macadamia cookies and the sticky toffee pudding. When you get a copy of the book, let me know what desserts you liked the most! :-)


Jesuit Paul said...

hi chef aileen..=) where can i buy your Home Cafe book?

dong said...

chef aileen , i want to try your blueberry muffin but i cannot find dried/frozen bluberry. were can i buy? may i also ask where can i buy cream whipper. tnx

caloyskigc said...

hi chef!

i have your book and its a great help! although there are some things i would like to ask you about some recipes there that i am confused u entertain questions here?

hope to hear from you soon!

More power and Godbless! :)

Aileen A. Anastacio said...

hi! yes please post your questions here or email me at