Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I had this on my drafts folder and forgot to post it. This was from my last trip...

I can't believe I went back to Bangkok again for the long weekend. This time I went with the family and of course, my daughter Sabrina.

In between the shopping and the eating, we did things that the kids would enjoy. One day, we took them to Siam Ocean World. It's conveniently located at Siam Paragon and is a few minutes away from our hotel. The place is pretty new and it's clean.

Sabrina had so much fun. She felt like she was Ariel, the little mermaid, visiting her fishy friends.

Here are some of the sea creatures that we said hello to...

I forgot what this is... :-)
pineapple fish
This is me with Sabrina

Sharks swimming around...waiting for food
Here are the divers waiting to feed the sharks...there's the manta ray swimming on the right.
Here are the sharks trying to open the box with food. They're hungry already!
There was a section in the ocean world where they had the different types of jelly fish.

This is an interesting photo of a grouper... about 3 ft. long. There were about three of these in the aquarium. What I was thinking was after I saw it was... sweet and sour lapu lapu!

Well, you'll probably spend about 1-2 hours inside. There were shows as well and tours on how they care for the sea creatures. It's very educational.

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