Saturday, May 8, 2010


Since I got back, today is the only day that I finally got to sit down and spend time to fix this. Scroll down and check out some of the items that we tried and tasted.

Here's a restaurant that we tried at the basement of San Francisco Shopping Center . It's called Out the Door A Vietnamese Restaurant that serves Vietnamese street food placed in a very nice and modern atmosphere.
Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Really good, the broth was full with flavor and the beef was tender. I think this is the perfect dish on a cold weather.
Vietnamese fresh spring rolls. This is low fat and healthy. The sauce was good too. It tasted like a sate sauce with peanuts....perfect as a snack or an appetizer.

Here I am with friends Krissy, Anna, Enrique and my little girl Sabrina. We were taking photos while waiting for our food and thinking of a game plan on how to eat our meal and be done in 20 minutes to make it for my haircut appointment at 2:30 with Jay.

This one was taken in Portland....our first meal there. We ate at Mc Cormick and Schmicks. This is the crab seafood chowder. Looks really rich and yes it's rich but it's really good!
Cheese of the better one's I've tasted. It's juicy and grilled perfectly.
This is what I had...grilled salmon with grilled vegetables and a raspberry reduction. Yummy...
Sabrina's and chips. What a big serving and this is from their kiddie menu.
On another night, we had dinner at ClarkLewis It was right across the school and it could not have been more convenient haha. I've eaten here the fist time I visited Portland. It was one place I promised to visit again the next time I'm in Portland. So, we went with my mom, Tita Zeny, Ate Jelly and Sabrina. Here's a cheese platter with the cheeses made in the area.
This is Sabrina's special request. It wasn't in the menu and the chef gladly made it for her. Spaghetti with butter and cheese. It was sooo good that I kept picking on Sabrina's plate haha.
Here's a fish dish... grilled hallibut with morrel mushrooms, roasted garlic and a puree of herbs for the sauce.
Orechiette with mussels and clams

Back in California, we headed one day to Monterey to take Sabrina to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We decided to have lunch there at the Portola Restaurant.
This is my seafood cioppino. It was ok. Not bad but I've tasted better.
This is the clam chowder that my mom ordered. It looks like baby food but I also tried this and it was actually good!
Tita Zeny ordered this. Caesar salad with crisp herbed crostini.
Here's Sabrina's favorite fish and chips.
This is Kuya Rollie's grilled chicken sandwich
Then on the way back, Kuya Rollie drove by Moss Landing to grab dinner to go. It's called Phil's Fish Market. He told me that they have the best Cioppino so I was game to try it.
This is the back area from the beach. During the summer, people actually go and eat then head out to the beach...then they go back in to eat again.
The restaurant is huge and it get's pack every single day.
When in Moss Landing, go look for this sign. If you get lost, just ask around. They know where to direct you.
This is our packed dinner... grilled sourdough garlic bread,

the best seafood cioppino, some mixed greens with ranch dressing, and frozen banana for dessert.

Now that I'm home, all I can do now is dream about it and hope that I get to visit again soon.

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